I am lying here in a corner of my room, secretly hoping someone magical will come and pick me up from here and tell me they need me, and tell me that we will live in this world together, and tell me that everything would be fine, and tell me that they are not doing a favor on me but they really want my company. A lot of people do come around and ask if I am okay, and I am sure a good proportion of those people actually do care about my well-being, but not enough to do something…

Humans are a social animal, and we have ‘evolved’ to become what we are. In this evolution process, we developed some traits which helped us survive in the past. One of the very important factor to survive for our biological ancestors was to co-operate with fellow beings. Which suggests that it was important for our ancestors to be liked by the others. This characteristic is still present in humans. We are all (almost) always trying to be ‘nice’ to others even and in that process, we put a mask on our true feelings and hide the true us from the…

In life, everyday we make thousands of choices, and unknowingly, they make us who we are. Just imagine all the choices that you have made till today and what might have happened if you had chose something else.

We generally see our lives as timeline, which has a fixed path that we follow gradually completing the time we have.

But let us see our lives from a different perspective.

This is the first time I am trying to publish something, bear with me for bad english or writing skills.

After observing a lot of people, talking to a lot, I am coming in terms with the fact that everyone is sad at some level. And the sadness is independent of the fact that which class you belong to, in any domain. If you categorise people on the basis of their social status, the most respected individual has the same probability of being sad as the one living on streets, and believe me, that probability is higher than it should…

Anonymous Writer

Trying to fit in the world

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