Choices, Confusion, Dilemma

In life, everyday we make thousands of choices, and unknowingly, they make us who we are. Just imagine all the choices that you have made till today and what might have happened if you had chose something else.

We generally see our lives as timeline, which has a fixed path that we follow gradually completing the time we have.

But let us see our lives from a different perspective.

The root node (topmost) is our birth and every other node is a point in life where we had to make decision and with each decision, we moved forward and confronted other choices.
Our life can now be traced as a path between the root node and a particular node in our life tree.

The choices that you made in your past has resulted in your current position in the tree and similarly the choices that you will make in your future will result in where you go, what you become. Your choices define what you become, they define you. You could be a very different person with the same circumstances but different choices.

The problem with choices are they are always confusing, some advantages in option1, other advantages in option2. The society prefers option A, your parents prefer option B, you want option C, option D is easier, option B seems right and the list goes on. The more you think, the more complex and involved the problem becomes with too many factors, little knowledge and huge uncertainties.

In these situations, I feel that I am usually more confused than others and start doubting my own decision making abilities. Maybe that is true but I think there is something else.

After observing a lot, I found that there are two types of people who make fast and better decisions and one thing is common in both these kinds of people.

  1. Those who lock themselves up (not literally) and make decision in isolation. They listen to everybody’s opinion, filter these opinions, collect all the information needed and finally absorb all the information and output the decision
  2. Those who go by their instinct and feel something is wrong or right but generally don’t explain their decision. They also collect knowledge and listen to opinion but not very systematically and exhaustively.

The commonness is that once they have decided on something, they generally don’t go back and don’t get affected by others opinion. They shoo away the opinion and statements of that one person, who will always tell them that they made a bad decision. This is what I feel I am missing and makes me miserable. You see, there are no bad choices (not always though), you just have to choose something you believe in and make it a good choice. Never doubt yourself once you have decided and never let anyone else spoil your mood after you have fixed your decision. Listen to anyone and everyone before deciding, filter the opinions you here, weigh the factors, do whatever you want but once you have decided, there is no turning back. Just pull up your socks and make your decision right.



Trying to fit in the world

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