This is the first time I am trying to publish something, bear with me for bad english or writing skills.

After observing a lot of people, talking to a lot, I am coming in terms with the fact that everyone is sad at some level. And the sadness is independent of the fact that which class you belong to, in any domain. If you categorise people on the basis of their social status, the most respected individual has the same probability of being sad as the one living on streets, and believe me, that probability is higher than it should be. If you categorise students on the basis of their marks, the one on the verge of failing has equal probability of being sad as the one who is a topper. The one who just wants to pass a course is sad because even that looks hard, and the one who has been a topper is sad because she knew the answer to one easy question but made a silly mistake.

You see, everyone is sad but it is actually good, we are sad because we are trying to push our limits, trying to achieve something which is not easy to get, trying to curse our luck because we wanted something and didn’t get it. The good thing is that we “want” something! And that is what drives human nature, that is what helps us progress. Struggle is necessary for a fruitful life. You might ask, what about the monks who talk about Moksha? Well, I don’t know, I really don’t know. I have never been so peaceful and so can’t really say if that is what I would like. But if everyone likes to drive car, then why do we all pay for roller coaster rides?!

So, sadness is good! Just like happiness and joy it is also built-into humans and we need it for continuing to be sane.

Everyday feels like a war, a war with your own emotions and thoughts, a war with society, a war with society’s thoughts, a war to figure out what is right. We all fight these wars, and small or big, they fill up almost all of our day. Loneliness is precisely the feeling when you are fighting these wars all alone for a long period of time. When you fight but no one knows you won or you lost, when you fight and no one cares! And after a long period of time, it even doesn’t matter to you that you won or lost, you just have to fight because there is no other path.



Trying to fit in the world

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